Craftsmen of the Digital Age

Reimagining games on tablets with a handcrafted touch.

Tibor Toth

No mantras on the walls here, no big words on company culture, we are focusing on what really matters – the game development itself. And honestly, we’re living the dream.

– Tibor Toth

What We Believe

Small is Beautiful – With the right people and team chemistry, we believe small teams can produce the best games and the biggest results.

Full Transparency – All of our numbers, data and plans about the business - good and bad - are shared with everyone.  The free flow of information improves communication, decision-making, trust and morale.

Zero Bureaucracy – Those small, independent teams are nimble and move very fast, so it’s important to remove any obstacles that might get in their way and slow them down.

Extreme Independence – Small teams alone aren’t enough.  Those teams must have the freedom to make quick decisions and take risks.

Pride in Craft – Although our teams move fast, we try hard never to compromise on creativity or quality.  Our players generously share their precious time with us and we want to return the favor by giving them deliriously fun game experiences.

Take Care of Our Own – Top pay, industry leading benefits, work-life balance and a commitment to the whole human being is the secret to happy, high-performing people. And that’s our commitment.